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So this is my first tag on my blog! I felt like doing something a bit different on my blog as I continue to read my books before writing another book review. I might eventually make tags a bit more frequent on here as well!

I found this book tag from Sara at The Bibliophagist and I really liked the look of it so I thought, why not, let’s do a tag!

  • Series or standalone:

I feel torn with this! I love a good series, but I also love a good standalone. I think I might have to go with a series. Just because I love to experience a set of characters over a series of books, with a range of different experiences. I love reading how characters can grow from the first book to the last book!

  • Magic earned or magic born:

I think I prefer magic earned! I like reading about their progression from not having magic to them earning it and learning how to use it and control it. That was definitely a hard decision.

  • Enemies-to-lovers or friends-to-lovers:

I think I like the dynamic of friends -to-lovers a lot more. I often get uncomfortable when it’s an enemies-to-lovers situation. I still don’t know why. But I definitely like reading the progression of friends slowly turning lovers. I think the Ron and Hermione situation made this progression a personal fave.

  • Hilarious banter or emotional ruin:

Ooooh this is a hard one. As much as I love to read hilarious banter, I also love having a book completely ruin me emotionally! I think often finding myself crying when reading books for whatever reason (I can cry at the smallest things), I think I’ll choose the emotional ruin. However, this one I think is very dependent on my mood.

  • Love triangle or insta love:

I definitely love a love triangle for whatever reason that is. I think I like the banter and the fighting for the main person in the triangle? I really don’t know!

  • Keyboard-smash fantasy names or all names start with the same letter:

Definitely keyboard-smash names! I often get too confused with multiple characters with similar names or starting with the same letter. My brain just can’t handle too much of the same name.

  • Mean parents or dead parents:

As bad as this sounds, I think I’m going to have to say dead parents. The thought of characters having to deal with mean parents on top of whatever they were dealing with is too much of an emotional burden. I feel like I like a character trying to do their best to make their parents proud if they were dead like an emotional pulling on the heart strings (and it would definitely make me cry).

  • Supermodel looks or constantly says how “plain” they are:

Pffft I’m so torn about this one. As much as I love both options to be honest, I think I’m going to merge the two oops! I love characters who have the supermodel looks, but they honestly don’t see how beautiful they are, as cliche as that sounds oh gosh!

  • Face on cover or typography on cover:

Definitely typography! I’m a total sucker for pretty typography honestly!

  • Villain turning a little good or hero turning a little bad:

Ooooh, I think I’m going to say I love a hero turning a little bad. I’m someone who thinks that everyone has a little bad in everyone and that makes everyone more relatable and all that jazz. As much as I do love reading about villains turning a little good, I do love reading how one little moment can make the hero of the story turn a little bad, before coming back to their full hero status!

  • Best friend dies or love interest dies:

Ooffft! I think the best friend dying is more emotional compared to the love interest. I think that would effect me more and make me an emotional wreck.

  • Awesome writing with a dull plot or amazing plot with murderously bad writing:

Oh I would definitely prefer awesome writing with a dull plot any day! I can definitely cope with a dull plot over horrifically bad writing every day of the week. Bad writing is just a throwback to my fanfiction days from back in 2009.

  • Cliffhanger ending or heartbreaking ending:

Hmmmm, I think for a series, definitely prefer a cliffhanger ending. It helps me want to forever keep binging the books within the series. However, for a standalone book, I might choose a heartbreaking ending as I love having a book emotionally ruin me as I mentioned above!

  • Breaking the spine or dog-earing the pages:

Oh gosh, I can’t deal with either of these to be honest. But if I had to choose one, I’m definitely choosing breaking the spine. Dog-earing pages just hurts my soul a little bit too much for me personally.

  • “Bad boy” trope or “perfect golden boy” trope as the love interest:

Oh definitely bad boy. I’m just a sucker for a bad boy love interest a little bit too much for my own good!

I’m going to leave this open to tagging anyone that wants to do a tag or if you haven’t done this tag before just because I’m still fairly new to this blogging thing!


5 thoughts on “Tag: This or That

  1. I tried answering these in my head as I read along and it was so difficult!! Although I have to say I have such an issue with keyboard smash names – total pet peeve of mine, because I just have no idea how to say them and I end up just skipping over the name when reading in my head haha! Loved your answers (:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It definitely wasn’t an easy one! Oooh yes I semi interpreted that question like that, but I also weirdly interpreted it as like all the names start with different letters. I really have no idea how I came to that conclusion haha! But I definitely agree with you when they are just total weird names that don’t make sense. Ahhh thank you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post, I enjoyed reading your answers and tried to answer along in my head as well, some of them were super hard to answer! I’m 10000% bad boy trope all the way and love a good love triangle as well. The rest I’m going to have to seriously debate on haha

    Liked by 1 person

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